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Monthly Archives: August 2006

28 Aug

EMV Technologies LLC is improving kidney dialysis through nanotechnology. “Nanotechnology is a branch of science and engineering devoted to the design and production of extremely small electronic devices and circuits built from individual atoms and molecules”, according to National Institute … Continue reading

16 Aug

Scientists at Howard Hughes Medial Institute have developed a new light microscope that is so powerful; it can identify single proteins in a cell by utilizing a fluorescent labeling method. The new technology is called PALM, photoactive localization microscopy. PALM … Continue reading

15 Aug

A new revolutionary device was tested in Venice that could potentially bring researches closer to figuring out the cause of red tide. The device is called an autonomous microbial genosensor uses genetic evidence to detect toxic bloom in the water … Continue reading

11 Aug

UMass Lowell’s DesignCamp is offering some alternatives for summer boredom. DesignCamp offers science and engineering workshops to students in Grades 5-11, immersing them in hands-on experimentation and invention. The most popular activity has been the science class in which students … Continue reading

11 Aug

Recently, Chicago hosted its annual Microscopy and Microanalysis 2006. Millions of dollars worth of electron microscopes, scanning tunnel microscopes and some regular optical microscopes were introduced at the show. The talk of the town was an ion beam and scanning … Continue reading