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Monthly Archives: October 2006

31 Oct

Little question for you, you might think it’s a very ridiculous one, but oh well… Have you ever seen microscope in your dream? If yes, then I can tell you what it means… So, if you see a microscope in … Continue reading

31 Oct

Looking into this world through a microscope is so different from reality…Have you ever thought what you will see when you look at your tooth, stomach, tongue, rose petals, nails and much more through a microscope? I’ve seen all this … Continue reading

31 Oct

When I was little, one of the professions I was interested in was a doctor. I didn’t understand much at that point and didn’t even know that in several years I’ll set my mind on entering college and getting a … Continue reading

24 Oct

The recently opened – Nikon Imaging Center at UCSF’s Mission Bay campus – is one of only two opened in the country. It’s primarily purpose is to help the academic researchers who will be its primary users, and also be … Continue reading

24 Oct

Due to curiosity and interest in art and science of my 6 year old daughter Arina we go to different art galleries and exhibitions in our town as well while traveling. But this visit appeared to be not the routine … Continue reading

03 Oct

Leica Microsystems introduced their new Leica AF6000 image integrator that is compatible with upright microscopes as well as inverted microscopes. A successor of Leica FW4000, the new AF6000 is capable of harmonizing of the microscope, camera and applications. New Leica … Continue reading