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Monthly Archives: December 2006

30 Dec

In the nearest future U.S. officials will announce about letting to sell meat and dairy products which were cloned. After that this news will be discussed in mass media and at last those products will be in grocery stores. These … Continue reading

28 Dec

Scientists added up all the numbers and came to the conclusion that the “representatives” of homo sapience will be played out pretty soon. According to their opinion, this will happen on October 31, 2252006. From the “Apocalypses Date” we are … Continue reading

20 Dec

As known, children love unusual present for Christmas and New Year. Without any doubts, any kid will be delighted with this miniature greeting card. Though, to be able to see it, you’ll need a very good and powerful compound microscope … Continue reading

15 Dec

Not many people know that human’s handwriting is unique as well as his fingerprints. And even if you try very hard, you won’t be able to fully falsify someone’s fingerprints! In addition, fingerprints allow getting enough information about its owner. … Continue reading

13 Dec

The creatures, which are called archeis, are the extremes of the nature. They are able to survive in geysers and volcanoes. They poison the atmosphere, but at the same time they can improve the quality of soil. They are the … Continue reading

09 Dec

During many years a microscope had been used in ophthalmology, neurosurgery and many other fields of medicine. Now it becomes an essential part, which helps greatly increase the level of competency and the level of immediate help to patients. The … Continue reading

06 Dec

A group of French and American scientists found the proof of ancient Egyptians using concrete when building pyramids. Supposedly, this technology was used at the upper layers of the buildings. The results of this research were published in French magazine … Continue reading

05 Dec

Several months ago IBM Company presented a new method of processing the substrates with the help of atomic force microscope (AFM). In the present method the microscope is used as a device, which rules and controls the process of a … Continue reading

01 Dec

American and Dutch scientists under the supervision of professor of physics Philip Nelson, University of Pennsylvania, have been studying the fragments of the DNA, and recently they discovered that molecules of this natural polymer possess the huge flexibility. The scientists … Continue reading