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Monthly Archives: July 2007

26 Jul

On occasion, we get a stereo microscope back from a customer with the complaint that it does not focus. Sometimes the microscope is defective, of course, but most of the time, not focusing is a matter of the customer not … Continue reading

23 Jul

Things are moving quickly on the laboratory front. Only two weeks ago I first reported on our expansion into scientific sales and the intent to service the research and lab market. This week we will have meetings to make the … Continue reading

16 Jul

Yury here, with an update on our upcoming laboratory expansion. We figured that only selling microscopes is not enough to help all of our customers sustain their research. We have, therefore, decided to significantly expand our lab product offering. We … Continue reading

12 Jul

I spend all my time outdoors, this time of year, so that means not much time indoors at the microscope. If you are stuck indoors, though, for one reason or another, observing with a microscope is a great hobby. It … Continue reading

11 Jul

If you are looking for a microscope of reasonable quality for the price, the new line of Celestron microscopes has arrived. Each and every one features metal construction and the manual is definitely better than average for a microscope at … Continue reading

10 Jul

Hi everyone, This is Yury writing to you from We’re getting ready for some grand developments in the near future. For those of you who are on a constant lookout for laboratory equipment, laboratory instrumentation, and laboratory consumables to … Continue reading