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Monthly Archives: August 2007

28 Aug

A microscope is a device which allows one to view something which is too small to be seen by the naked eye. Items which are often studied under a microscope can include a single hair, blood or skin cells, or … Continue reading

22 Aug

We are currently adding over 12,000!!! new laboratory and scientific products to our website. I’ve been promised that they will be up by September 1, so keep your fingers crossed. Today I wanted to present the wide selection of laboratory … Continue reading

20 Aug

While I have been busy telling everyone in my last several blogs about spectrophotometers, centrifuges, and refrigerators, someone was sharp enough to point out to me that I totally forgot about the microscope accessories. This site is called after … Continue reading

20 Aug

One of the reasons I like stereo microscopes is that you can use this type of microscope to observe just about anything at hand. Out of habit, I collect rocks, old wasp and insect nests, even dead insects, themselves, dried … Continue reading

17 Aug

We’re currently overwhelmed here at We’re busily adding about 20,000!!! new laboratory and scientific products to our website. A message to our old-timers: will go through a metamorphosis of sorts. We will go from all microscopes all the … Continue reading

16 Aug

“I need a magnifier that has both a lot of magnification and a large lens size? Where can I get one?” This is a request I get now and then and it’s a tough one to fill. When I’m in … Continue reading

13 Aug

Artist Willard Wigan Sculpts Microart That Requires a Microscope to View. The Birmingham, England, native is known as the creator of the world’s smallest sculptures. He makes small worlds of their own that are almost invisible to the naked eye … Continue reading

10 Aug

Today I want to talk about a big new category on, that is Balances and Scales. Whether you need to weigh a microgram of 1,2-dimethyl chickenwire (inside joke) or some bananas to make banana bread (my favorite), we will … Continue reading

08 Aug

When we originally set out to expand the offering on, the intent was to add slightly to our microscope product offering and include such microscope accessories as microscope illuminators and microscope slides. Who would have thought that we would … Continue reading