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Monthly Archives: September 2007

27 Sep

Sorry for not writing sooner, but things have certainly been busy here at As I told you last time, we have been testing all the new laboratory and scientific items on another website and already have over two dozen … Continue reading

18 Sep

I have learned that our go live! date with all the products being up and orderable has been pushed back to Oct. 8. We are currently conducting order testing on another website and have already received our first product order. … Continue reading

11 Sep

To all you spoilsports (admit it, there were a lot of you) who thought I was only bragging about all the new laboratory products on, have a look at our new home page. This will be further updated to … Continue reading

07 Sep

Happy Friday to all! I’m happy to report that yesterday we added the first batch of 3000 new laboratory items. They are currently unorderable because we have yet to finalize the pricing on them. To all the professional and amateur … Continue reading

04 Sep

When one thinks of science and research, a picture usually pops into one’s mind. This may be a picture you saw in a an old science fiction movie about a mad professor working in the laboratory. You probably see lots … Continue reading