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Monthly Archives: October 2007

29 Oct

When choosing a water bath for your laboratory needs, several things have to be taken into consideration before a final choice is made. There are many types of baths available, so it pays to know what one intends to use … Continue reading

22 Oct

“Is this a microscope store or not???” – This was a a question/comment I received from an exasperated customer over the weekend. It seems that with all the new laboratory equipment and lab consumables that we have been concentrating on, … Continue reading

16 Oct

I have received quite a few questions about Thermo products in the last few weeks. People are confused as to the company name issue with Thermo Electron, Thermo Scientific, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Thermo Orion, etc. This is all one in … Continue reading

12 Oct

Earlier this year, I came across a blog from Derek Lowe. He bemoaned the difficulty that amateurs (and their children) have getting chemicals, lab equipment, and other science supplies these days. I do agree that it is getting inherently difficult … Continue reading

03 Oct

I’m so excited to finally report to you that many new laboratory, medical, and research products have finally been added to Now, you can finally order all these new products for all your scientific and hobby needs. We have … Continue reading