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Monthly Archives: December 2007

07 Dec

We are currently trying to optimize our offering of Safety Glasses on and would like your input. Some of you have been extremely helpful when I asked for your help before and I’m hoping you can help me again. … Continue reading

06 Dec

Our sales have been increasing steadily. Thank you to everyone who has been purchasing all the laboratory equipment and lab consumables that we carry. Some items that I’ve been getting questions on lately has been microplate instrumentation. We carry several … Continue reading

03 Dec

Every parent or grandparent likes the idea of giving a child the gift of a microscope and, when done correctly, a microscope is a great way to encourage an interest in nature and science. The first step, though, is to … Continue reading

01 Dec

What does one mean when discussing laboratory consumables? This includes many types of medical supplies, laboratory glassware, tubes and tubing, bags, and many miscellaneous products such as stoppers, plates, wipes, stopcocks, applicators and swabs, shipping material, clinical chemistry products, and … Continue reading