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Monthly Archives: August 2008

25 Aug

Want to know who is popular around here on the red carpet on Well there are quite a few names to mention. EMD as seen just a few moments ago walking down the center of the red carpet. I … Continue reading

22 Aug

OCD, better known as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder can be a terrifying and time consuming disorder which includes obsessions and compulsions. One of the most popular symptoms is having a severe fear or phobia of germs. If you have a loved … Continue reading

21 Aug

Do you need your lab partners to come on board and get with the grove? Or do you just need a great pair of shoe covers for the lab? I have just the shoe covers for you! You probably work … Continue reading

20 Aug

Speaking about protection, what kind of lab coat do you use? What type of laboratory do you work in? There are differnt lab coats for all types of environments. Something we think is so simplistic is ultimately made up of … Continue reading

19 Aug

There was a time when people found it impossible to imagine a vacuum. How could there be a place where there is nothing? After the Michelson/Morley experiment in 1887 failed to find the Luminiferous Aether the earth was supposed to … Continue reading

18 Aug

So, now you have your pump, pump head and now you need tubing. What tubing are you currently using? If you are just setting up your pump system you will need to ask yourself some questions I hope you know … Continue reading

15 Aug

Ok, you need a vacuum pump for an application that requires vacuum? Did you know that a vacuum pump is any device that can stimulate a pressure difference between the two regions in the space is called a vacuum pump? … Continue reading

14 Aug

So, you are allergic to Latex, many people are. If you work in a cleanroom environment and cannot use the Safeskin Latex Gloves KM-LG-HC1365S then you can use the Safeskin Nitrile gloves, which are latex free! by Kimberly Clark. Nitrile … Continue reading

13 Aug

Do you work in a cleanroom critical environment? Then you want to use Safeskin Critical Natural Rubber Latex Gloves manufactured by Kimberly Clark, item # KM-LG-HC1310 These gloves were specifically designed for the cleanroom environment. Kimberly Clark designed a Critical … Continue reading

12 Aug

Know anyone like that? It might be because they have worked in an environment that was not condusive for their hearing. Over time, the abuse on your ears from noise contributes to hearing loss by damaging your inner ear. As … Continue reading