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Monthly Archives: November 2008

28 Nov

When we want to share the delights of the small world with many eyes we can use the Celestron digital microscope with the 3.5″ LCD Screen, Celestron 44340. This microscope is perfect for the science clasroom, several students can see … Continue reading

26 Nov

For children who love to explore and investigate the things around them, the Meade Kids 28-piece Microscope Kit ME-MI-KIDS-08019 is designed to bring hours of enjoyment and wonder by opening the door to the hidden microscope world around him or … Continue reading

24 Nov

Did you know that there are two basic kinds of microscopes used in class work in botany (there are many other kinds of microscopes used by botanists in research commonly called compound and stereo. When looking to purchase a microscope … Continue reading

21 Nov

Do you know anyone who is in need of a superb microscope for analysis or research? I have one in mind. Check out this Celestron Professional Compound Microscope CI-MI-44108. This microscope is a large, heavy duty microscope meant for very … Continue reading

19 Nov

Do you have a naturalist on your Holiday list? We have the microscope for backpackers and hikers: The Nikon 7314 Mini Field Stereo Microscope. This rugged 20x stereo microscope is meant for carrying in the field, it collapses to a … Continue reading

17 Nov

Is your Middle School or High School student interested in biology? Is he or she ready for a Real Microscope? Here is the answer, the Celestron 44102. This student microscope has dual focus, the most important attribute of a student … Continue reading

14 Nov

Does anyone know what to get the Science Teacher for all their dedicated teaching this year? Well, I have an idea. Instead of getting him/her something that they will probably re-gift, try a group gift that ties into their love … Continue reading

11 Nov

The first question is: What do we wish to see? Are we looking at bugs and leaves and rocks? then the best microscope is a stereo microscope. These microscopes are used by botanists, mineralogists, entomologists, and in industrial quality control. … Continue reading

03 Nov

LDPE, PS, PTFE, what do they mean? Labware is produced in many different plastics for different applications. Let us start with Polystyrene, PS, this is a hard clear plastic. Proteins stick to it so biochemical researchers like it for protein … Continue reading