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Monthly Archives: March 2009

26 Mar

With our new awareness of the dangers of mercury more and more thermometers are made mercury free. HB Instrument Company is one of the largest suppliers of mercury free thermometers including certified thermometers. Another option is electronic thermometers which are … Continue reading

19 Mar

Electrochemistry is not just pH and conductivity. Electrochemical detectors are being developed which determine organic and bio molecules in addition to ions. Currently on the market are Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE) which determine Fluoride, Chloride, Iodide, Sulfide, Cyanide, Ammonia, Nitrate, … Continue reading

16 Mar

Lets be honest, in the world we live in today many of our professions require some kind of risk assessment. Such industries as food, industrial, refineries, engineering plants, petroleum and gas pumping stations. Extreme precautions are necessary, as these are … Continue reading