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Monthly Archives: May 2009

29 May

Why is it that so many people are performing cell culture in their laboratories? Cell culture has many applications. Vaccines for polio, measles, chicken pox, and rubella are made in cell cultures. Cell culture can be used to reproduce a … Continue reading

25 May

Often when we think about setting up a new lab, we think about all the laboratory items that are used inside the lab. Such as, beakers, gloves, centrifuge tubes, test tubes, wipes, safety glasses, lab coats, face masks, etc..However; we … Continue reading

22 May

Ever wonder what those actors and actresses on the hit show CSI are doing in the laboratory with the DNA they find? One of the first steps in using DNA to solve crimes is to perform the polymerase chain reaction … Continue reading

18 May

There are many different types of centrifuge tubes. Depending what sample you are spinning and what centrifuge you are using will be dependent on what type of centrifuge tubes you will need. I am going to help you determine what … Continue reading

15 May

What is a protein? Most people would say that proteins are required for strength and muscle building. While this is true proteins have a structural purpose as well a functional one. Proteins speed up chemical reactions, fight bacteria, tranpsort substances … Continue reading

14 May

There are many styles of micropipette tips available to the researcher. There are gel loading tips which are meant for loading samples on to electrophoresis gels. Aerosol barrier filter pipette tips are used for protecting the micropipettor from the volatile … Continue reading

11 May

There are at least five types ofcentrifuges. Preparative , analytical, fixed angle, swing head, and haemacrotic centrifuges. Industrial centrifuges may be classified according to the type of separation of the high density fraction from the low density one. Simple centrifuges … Continue reading

08 May

What is an immersion circulator? An immersion circulator is an apparatus that can be clamped to a water bath or suspended above a water bath that will raise the temperature of the liquid and circulate it at the same time. … Continue reading

04 May

The density of the particles being separated are greater than the density of the solvent. Separation is based on Mass. For example larger particles will sediment faster. Sedimentation is the tendency for particles in suspension or molecules in a solution … Continue reading

01 May

What do laundry detergent, biological weapons, beer, contact lens solution, solving the O.J. Simpson murder trial and digestion all have in common? They all involve and depend on the work of enzymes. An enzyme, in most cases, is a protein … Continue reading