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Monthly Archives: July 2009

31 Jul

A southern blot is a laboratory technique used in molecular biology to detect a specific DNA sequence. Before performing a southern blot, DNA is digested by restriction endonucleases which produce DNA fragments. These DNA fragments are then separated in an … Continue reading

28 Jul

Need a centrifuge for your veterinary lab or doctor’s office? Then you need a clinical centrifuge. Searching for centrifuges can be daunting. has a broad choice in basic clinical centrifuges. The first question is “What are you spinning?” If … Continue reading

24 Jul

What is genomics? As you may have guessed, genomics is the study of genomes. Now we must define genome. A genome refers to a full set of chromosomes in a diploid organism and a single set of chromosomes in a … Continue reading

23 Jul

Use laboratory electrodes with pH meters to intermittently test the pH of a solution. Electrodes feature glass or epoxy bodies and come in either combination or half-cell styles. Laboratory electrodes are further categorized according to fermentation, general purpose laboratory,Specialty, and … Continue reading

22 Jul

What is the difference between a laboratory instrument and a laboratory apparatus? An apparatus is a set of materials or equipment designed for a particular use. Laboratory equipment refers to the various tools and equipment used by scientists working in … Continue reading

21 Jul

Silicone is a polymer incorporating the element Silicon, Si. The general formula is [R2SiO]n where R is an organic group and n represents the repeating nature of a polymer. R can be methyl, ethyl, phenyl… The properties of a silicone … Continue reading

17 Jul

What is a gene? A gene holds the information necessary to produce cells within an organism. Genes are passed on to the next generation of offspring within a population. A gene contains the information required to make a protein, the … Continue reading

14 Jul

Three are two definitions of a LABEXPERT that I know of; one is a person who works in a laboratory environment that is very knowledgeable in the their field of work. The other is a Brady LABEXPERT handheld laboratory labeling … Continue reading

10 Jul

Protein purification is a series of steps designed to isolate a protein of interest from a mixture of other substances. The purification of proteins is very important for understanding the structure, function, and interactions of the protein of interest. The … Continue reading

07 Jul

Cryogenics is the branch of physics that studies the phenomena that occur at very low temperatures. In physics, the production of low temperature systems; in biology, the use of such a system to preserve genetic material, especially in situations where … Continue reading