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Monthly Archives: October 2009

30 Oct

Anaerobes are organisms that do not require oxygen for growth and may die in its presence. Obligate anaerobes can’t use oxygen and can be harmed by it whereas facultative anaerobes can grow without oxygen but can use it if it’s … Continue reading

27 Oct

If you are so lucky to be someone preparing to explore the life of a Stem Cell, then you will need to be very prepared. We want you to have the most updated technologies and products available to you to … Continue reading

26 Oct

A friend of mine who is running a biochemistry lab asked her tech. to heat a sample to 120oC. After the experiment didn’t work my friend asked her tech “How did you heat the sample?” “In a water bath.” said … Continue reading

23 Oct

Ok, not that kind of streaking. I’m referring to a technique used to spread bacterial colonies on an agar plate. A sterile loop or cotton swab is dipped into the bacterial culture or patient sample that contains many different kinds … Continue reading

20 Oct

Numbers cannot stand alone. They mean nothing without units of measure. Does 10K mean 10,000 dollars, 10,000 volts or 10 kilometers? Units have a prefix indicating their order of magnitude. For large numbers the orders of magnitude are K= kilo … Continue reading

20 Oct

OpticsPlanet Brilliance Awards are now here! This is where you can voice your opinion by voting for your favorite product of the year! Let everyone know about the product that has changed your world in a positive light. Prizes, yes … Continue reading

16 Oct

An agar plate is a petri dish that contains a growth medium used to grow microorganisms such as bacteria. The growth medium can contain selective growth compounds such as antibiotics and sheep blood. Streaking is a technique used to spread … Continue reading

13 Oct

Well that is a really good question, how much do we really know about Live Blood Analysis and the so called doctors and holistic practitioners that provide this service? Supposedly there is a scam going around and what the scammers … Continue reading

09 Oct

Ever wonder how bacteria can move throughout a substance or organism? Cell motility is an important characteristic of bacteria. Bacteria can move by way of a flagellum (flagella, plural). The flagellum is attached to the cell body and rotates like … Continue reading

06 Oct

Here are just a few laboratory brands that come to my mind. Who is your favorite? , BD, Beckman Coulter, Brinkman, Celestron, DeWalt, Dow Corning, DuPont, Eppendorf. There are hundreds of laboratory brands, do you know them all? What products … Continue reading