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Monthly Archives: March 2010

30 Mar

IKA Works is the leading manufacturer of laboratory devices and processing equipment. These products are manufactured with the researcher in mind, their products will facilitate your workload in the lab and optimize processes, so that you can be ahead of … Continue reading

26 Mar

Slime molds have both fungal and animal characteristics and are classified as protists. Cellular slime molds resemble amoebas at one stage. When conditions are unfavorable for growth, large numbers of amoeboid cells aggregate to form a single structure, a slug. … Continue reading

23 Mar

Archaeologists now have endless selections of digital microscopes that will assist them in examining methods of ancient textile production in order to gain insight into an ancient culture that has long passed into the shadows of our time. Although archaeological … Continue reading

19 Mar

A fungal infection is a mycosis. A systemic mycosis occurs deep within the patient in various tissues and organs. Infections usually are transmitted by inhalation and often begin in the lungs. Fungal infections just beneath the skin are subcutaneous mycoses. … Continue reading

16 Mar

Searching for a benchtop centrifuge can be time consuming as well as frustrating when considering you probably needed it several months ago, right? Some questions to ask yourself prior to ordering. What are you spinning? How fast do you need … Continue reading

15 Mar

I hope the microscope hasn’t gone the way of so many Christmas presents, under the bed or in the closet. If so here are some ways to wake up the scientist in you. Was it a stereo microscope like the … Continue reading

13 Mar

While I was at the clinic talking about my sinus infection I recommended that the nurse practitioner prescribe me azithromycin. She told me that amoxicillin is more effective because bacteria have started developing resistance to azithromycin. It was at this … Continue reading

09 Mar

Noncontact (IR) infrared thermometers use infrared technology to quickly and conveniently measure the surface temperature of objects. They provide fast temperature readings without physically touching the object. You simply aim, pull the trigger and read the temperature on the LCD … Continue reading

08 Mar

We have all seen clouds of CO2 produced by dry ice on Halloween and at rock concerts. Carbon Dioxide is one of many substances which pass from a solid to a gas without going through a liquid state; this is … Continue reading

05 Mar

The Kirby-Bauer disk-diffusion method is a test that uses antibiotic impregnated circular wafers to test whether or not bacteria is succeptible to a given drug. Bacteria is grown on a plate of agar and the circular wafers are placed throughout … Continue reading