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Monthly Archives: June 2010

25 Jun

Until the second half of the 19th century it was thought that life could arise spontaneously from nonliving matter, a process known as spontaneous generation. Francesco Redi was an early opponent of this theory and demonstrated in 1668 that maggots, … Continue reading

24 Jun

Okay it’s summer, the kids are out of control, times are hard, what are you to do? Well, how about camping, its the perfect economical solution to all of the above. What are some of the tools besides the standard … Continue reading

18 Jun

The easiest way to make a slide of bacteria is to prepare a wet mount similar to what is used for algae and protozoa. The problem with bacteria is that they are small and colorless. Beginning microbiologists have trouble finding … Continue reading

11 Jun

Recombinant DNA is DNA that is created from two or more sources to form a recombinant DNA molecule. Recombinant DNA is formed by introducing DNA of interest into DNA that already exists in an organism, such as the plasmid of … Continue reading

06 Jun

The world of syringes is difficult to navigate, can help. Let’s start with medical syringes. First question: Do you need a disposable plastic syringe or a reusable syringe. Next, what volume; is it a 3cc syringe, perhaps a BD … Continue reading

04 Jun

Each year industrial plants generate 265 million metric tons of hazardous waste, 80% of which make their way into landfills. Burying the chemicals does not remove them from the ecosystem, however it just moves them into other areas where they … Continue reading