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Monthly Archives: July 2010

30 Jul

Virstatin is a small compound that was discovered while researchers were screening for small molecules that affected the production of toxins produced by bacteria. Current antibiotics control pathogens by targeting growth and reproduction factors. New experiments have proven that targeting … Continue reading

26 Jul

We’ve been talking about laboratory water quality, we should talk about how unique water is. Water chemical properties are very different from other solvents. Water is one of the very few chemicals which has a lower density when crystallized (frozen) … Continue reading

23 Jul

The use of antisense agents as antimicrobial drugs holds promising results. An antisense agent is a short synthetic strand of DNA that binds to a target site on the DNA or RNA of a pathogen. When this agent binds to … Continue reading

19 Jul

How’s your laboratory water quality ? For deionized water the Barnstead B-pure cartridge is the simple solution. Perhaps you need a new lab water purification system or a water polishing system Thermo Scientific Barnstead Deionizer Diamond TII produces ASTM type … Continue reading

16 Jul

One of my previous posts discussed antimicrobial resistance however it did not discuss steps to correct this problem. Antimicrobial peptides may be the solution to antimicrobial resistance. Microorganisms are not the only organisms that produce antimicrobial substances. Antimicrobial peptides are … Continue reading

12 Jul

It doesn’t matter what type of lab you work in filter paper is part of it. Many manufacturing processes also require filter paper. Filter paper is available as cellulose or glass microfiber. The filter paper grades are determined by the … Continue reading

09 Jul

The term penicillin refers to a group of over 50 chemically related antibiotics. All penicillins have a common core structure that contains a B-lactam ring called the nucleus. Penicillins differ by the chemical side chains attached to their nuclei. Penicillins … Continue reading

08 Jul

Fiberboard mailers are perfect for mailing out your refrigerated and frozen laboratory samples. The material used for this container is Polystyrene. The Polystyrene foam insulates as well and prevents damage by acting as a shock absorber. The mailers include an … Continue reading

01 Jul

Okay, it’s not the song I’m talking about that was sung by by Billy Idol in 1990. I am talking about it being really hot outside or in your work surroundings, inside or outside. What do you do when you … Continue reading