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Monthly Archives: August 2010

30 Aug

Measuring objects with a microscope is known as micrometry. Most good microscopes can be used as a measurement microscope or inspection microscope. The necessary accessories are an eyepiece reticle (reticule) and a stage micrometer. Eyepiece reticles are available from the … Continue reading

27 Aug

Plant viruses are very similar in morphology to animal viruses and they have similar types of nucleic acid. Some plant viruses actually multiply inside insect cells. Viruses can cause diseases to may different economically important crops. Beans can suffer from … Continue reading

25 Aug

Looking for a type of glassware to withstand even the coldest of cold or hottest or hot? Try Borosilicate or Pyrex glassware. Glassware composed of at least 5% boric oxide by definition is considered Borosilicate glass. In addition to the … Continue reading

23 Aug

A coverglass or a coverslip is used to cover a specimen on a glass slide for examination under the microscope. The coverglass flattens solid objects and creates a thin even film for wet mounts. Coverslips can be sealed to the … Continue reading

20 Aug

The cell wall of the bacterial genus Mycobacterium differs from the cell wall of other species due to the presence of mycolic acids. This genus includes dangerous pathogens such as those that cause leprosy and tuberculosis. Due to the difference … Continue reading

19 Aug

What is a Luer connector?

18 Aug

Meltdown! After months and years of trial after trial, data upon data, and specimen after specimen… you go to your lab to check on your prize possessions… and the freezer is warm! Your heart drops. Your stomach churns. Panic sets … Continue reading

16 Aug

Bulb pipets are very useful for transfer of fluids such as samples, reagents, and stains. Also known as disposable transfer pipettes these tools are indispensable. The pipettes are made from polyethylene and are pliable but tough. They are available sterile … Continue reading

13 Aug

Andrew Miller, a bright student from Rice University, may have created a TB-detecting microscope that could save researchers thousands of dollars. Typically a confocal microscope, costing close to $40,000 is used to view samples from infected patients however Mr. Miller’s … Continue reading

12 Aug

UV Vis Cuvettes are available as glass, quartz, or disposable plastic cuvettes. Optical quality glass and quartz are used to make spectrophotometer cuvettes (aka spectrophotometer cells). For UV spectrophotometers quartz cuvettes are the standard. All of these materials can be … Continue reading