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05 Nov

EVOS® Cell Imaging Systems – Removing the Complexities of Microscopy

Posted by Microscopes Specialists
EVOS Cell Imaging

EVOS Cell Imaging


Finally, there is a cell imaging system able to eliminate the challenges and complexities of microscopy – without compromising performance. Enter the EVOS Cell Imaging System. Whether you’re capturing images for publications, teaching, or research, the EVOS system was designed to allow users to focus on their data rather than the operation of the microscope.


Built to perform a variety of routine and specialty applications, EVOS Imaging Systems can handle everything from cell cultures to complex protein analysis. For sensitive applications that require precise control of the environment one can add the onstage incubator. The proprietary LED light cube technology minimizes photobleaching and offers over 50,000 hours of LED illumination, along with adjustable intensity. The EVOS Imaging System gives your laboratory high level imaging capability without the high cost typically associated with fluorescence imaging systems.


Full EVOS Lineup

Full EVOS Lineup



There are five Cell Imaging Systems to choose from:

  1. EVOS XL Core
  2. EVOS XL
  3. EVOS FLoid
  4. EVOS FL
  5. EVOS FL Auto


Interested? Learn more about the entire EVOS Cell Imaging System Lineup by clicking the link below: EVOS Cell Imaging Microscopes






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