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17 Aug

Forensics and the Stereo Microscope

Posted by Robin Prymula
Breech Mark of a Cartridge

Breech Mark of a Cartridge

The Leica EZ4 W microscope is being used by the US Department of State in the fight against drug trafficking.  Stereo zoom microscopes like the EZ4 W are uniquely appropriate for forensics studies because they image in 3D.  Three dimensional objects can be placed on the stage of the microscope unlike compound microscopes which use microscopes slides.  Compound microscopes have a flat field and the image appears upside down and backwards whereas with a stereo microscope the image is magnified exactly as the object is placed on the stage.  The image from the object is slightly offset for each eye (hence the name “stereo”) and the object appears just as the eye sees it only magnified.  Stereo microscopes are used in fingerprinting, ballistics, fiber analysis, counterfeiting, and a host of other forensic applications.  The EZ4 W can also store the images received on the included SD card.  Application software has analysis capabilities such as measuring and comparison.  An optional remote control is available for projecting the images on the SD card onto an HD screen.  In addition to the above capabilities the image quality of the EZ4 W is what you would expect from Leica, remarkably clear at even the highest magnifications.

Embossing on a Bank Note

Embossing on a Bank Note



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